Monday, August 06, 2007

Which flute? The Magic Flute.

So I keep forgetting to tell everyone in the NYC area to check out this really fun young opera company, Project Opera of Manhattan. Opera by young artists, for young artists, and the public benefits by seeing promising young singers and actors at bargain prices. Their newest show is Die Zauberflote (I can't get the umlaut to work, sorry). For those of you unfamiliar, this was Mozart's final opera. It's a magical love story with plenty of mythic and Masonic imagery. At any rate, it is a perennial favorite of many opera goers and a bona fide classic. Always worth seeing.

So anyone in the NYC area should come to one of the performances. Tickets are between $10-15, for August 16-17 and 24-25. Ticket and performance info is on the website.

And--as an added bonus, if you want to see a familiar face in the cast, yours truly will be playing Monostatos, the amorously unfortunate bully who gets his comeuppance. So yeah, come on out.

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Emily Williams said...

I'll come see you!