Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter month, continued...

...and that's how she ended it. Great book, huh?

Of course I will not tell you how what happens! Of course I will not tell you what parts I found interesting for what reasons! But I will say I loved the book. While I am sad the Harry Potter saga will not continue, I am glad for the very wonderful contribution J. K. Rowling has made to the world. For those of you still unfamiliar with the world of Harry Potter, do put all seven very close to the top of your reading list. I would like to say something about Harry Potter as an incredibly appropriate preparatio evangeli for our culture, but no doubt, without further explication that I will not offer here, the statement would be unjustly attacked or naively defended by some passerby.

So, in the spirit of Dumbledore, I leave suggestions of an idea for you, but my deeper intentions will have to be revealed more slowly if at all.

In the meantime, well done, Ms. Rowling, and thank you for sharing Harry with us!


Chris said...

It was rather wonderful, wasn't it? Exciting and dangerous and emotionally riveting. A scene towards the end, which reminded me of The Matrix (you know the scene, right?), had me thinking. She really wants people to think more deeply than people who read "children's books" normally do. I found the philosophy and the darker delving into the characters so stimulating, especially for Dumbledore and Snape. Magic. Pure magic. With a bit of Mission Impossible intertwined.

Janet leslie Blumberg said...

Or is it "experience more deeply" than people normally do? As in Tolkien and Lewis fantasy narratives, the world we enter incarnates the principles and they do not have to be referred to or conceptualized and it is not allegory either -- a mythopoeic response to J. Smith's issues in the earlier post?